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Motivational Cleaning  
07:35pm 16/02/2009
Phew! I have just had an uber clean of my room while rocking out to some all time metal classics. Feels good! Now I just have to tackle the filing and the drawers and... urgh. My energy is waning, which is why I'm posting. Billy is currently serenading me and I'm planing soundtracks for the road trip next year. I think a mixture of classics and class is the way to go and yes, I will be invoking drivers rights. ;) so far I have an epic list of possible destinations which I think is the way to go. That way we can pick and choose depending on where we are and what we fancy.
Just five more days and I get a break from work to hole up in an apartment in Amsterdam and edit the old film, which I can't wait for as it desperately needs doing. Next step, sort my life out and start moving forward again. I can't be doing with this treading water malarkey. My impulsive and impatient nature means I'm currently butting my head against metaphorical brick walls. Which is never a good thing. I have a feeling that Thursday night when the guys get down to Cardiff is likely to be a wild one as I'm ready to have a proper sesh.

Blurgh. I have a feeling the housemate who is currently downstairs is not Becca. Which sucks. But we're escaping on Wednesday to the cinema which doesn't. I think I'm going to try and talk her into seeing the Friday 13th remake, just cos of ol' Sammie. See how the other brother does on his own. And I was momentarily tempted by Supernatural Season 4 until I realised it was only the first part. I'm going to stay strong until the complete season is out then go nuts.

And word up my homie! How's that ficaronie coming along. Inquiring minds wanna know, and read, and squeal!
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TW Fiction: One Year On  
07:35am 15/09/2008

One Year On

Searing white light, burning its way behind closed eyelids ...
... the slow return to consciousness and the metallic shrieking mingling with a more terrifying human scream
hundreds and it’s growing louder ...
... and there’s another noise now, rhythmic and heavy and mechanical and clunking and it’s growing louder and getting closer and louder and closer ...
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'That song means business!'  
06:52pm 26/03/2008

It's funny how one song can become imbibed with its own meaning due to its connection with certain events in your life. I have had so many things spark off creatively today all because of one little song that shall forever remind me of driving through the north of california and incidentally...wrapping my car around a tree.

New album out to - liking the single too! Get in!

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Is this a teaser?  
04:44pm 25/03/2008

Below is my attempt at opening exposition. Ignore typos etc, this is a first draft of what looks like a sweet little romance that came out of nowhere. I have the whole thing plotted out and my ending written also. What do you think sis? Okay set-up or can you already see where I'm going with this? Either way you're getting the full thing when I come down this weekend.

At first moving in with Dave seemed to be the ideal solution to all my problems. Telling my parents that I was leaving the (lucrative) family business to purse a career in photography had not gone well. True, I was never expecting it to be easy. As my father reminded me at least seven times before fury rendered him incomprehsible; “Griffith and Son…hear me? Griffith and Son.”

Apparently the loss of a name in the company portraits had a knock-on effect to family albums.


At least I could appreciate the irony.


So that brings us to Dave, my best buddy from university days. To be honest I’d forgotten a lot about what he was like to live with… or a least had convinced myself that five years and a girlfriend who had her head screwed on would have fixed some of his more… colourful habits. I don’t think I’d even finished bringing in all my stuff before a waft of something rancid swept across my face. Even if I didn’t immeadiately recognise the smell (which I did. God knows how many times I’d be greeted by that on entering the bathroom after a few too many) the smirk on Dave’s face would have easily fingered him as the culprit.


And so it began. Once he’d got me that first time I found a weirdly comforting familiarity in his actions and attempts to gross me out. Sure I acted surprised and if he’d really tried hard, sometimes I even had a mini spazz for him, but really I was just grateful for the noise, the laughs, the life he radiated. (God that sounds like I’m some kind of angsting vampire twat… which I’m not. Obviously.) At any rate it was a welcome change to the rigid formality I’d been living in since moving back home after Uni. When not hanging out with Dave and his lovely girlfriend Karin I would wander round the city, taking photos for my profile  or developing negatives in my room (which was perfect as it received almost no light due to how it fitted in with other buildings. I only had to cover one window too which was a bonus, although the downside was it was a bit of a black pit of despair to sleep in…more of which later) or sleep.


It was on one of these hanging out occasions when Dave first made the comment.

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Aberystwyth, mon amour...  
10:28pm 24/02/2008

I was back in aber for ONE NIGHT and woah. Ended up in a huge house party all squeezed into a living room where Steph was being the social Queen she always is. Because of that everyone was like, TALK! TALK! WE'VE HEARD SO MUCH!!!!! It was cool but then got crazy when a girl was found in the street having been bottled in the face. Paramedics were called (no taxis were running by this time...the little quirks we forget eh?) and the house hastely made presentable should the filth arrive as well. Whilst watching for the ambulance I ended up reminising about the rare but frightening incidents of violence and death that aber is known for...namely pyscho boy with the carving knife. It was actually Becky's mate who answered the door of the house he went to neck. Imagine. 1 am in aber, hearing the doorbell ring. Thinking it's your housemate having locked themselves out as usual you head downstairs to find a guy covered in blood holding a carving knife dripping blood in the area. 

After she had screamed and slammed the door shut he posted the bloody knife through the letterbox. It's the little touches eh? Anyway. Drama aside it was a wicked day and night. Banon, Steph's housemate played with rage so you can imagine how good the music was. ahhhh. Nice to be back in Cardiff though.

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Hi, I'm with a production company....  
03:32pm 16/02/2008

Well, after I finally got past the hideous overturned lorry at the A470 roundabout I had a very successful day location scouting. We (fingers crossed) have secured most of our locations AND i got to walk around introducing myself as a film maker. We have got a pub and beer garden, (CLOSED SET!!!!!!) free of charge for however long we need to film. We just need to provide the set dressing but they've even said we can use the bar staff as extras! Really excited about the whole thing.

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Soooo...parlez-vous francais?  
03:14am 29/01/2008
I can't believe the time....anyway. I arrived back in Cardiff in reasonable time after a lovely catch-up in the pub with everyone. The boys were all on form and I laughed loads...and was very excited by Andy's news. I can't wait for the new god is good album. And the idea of putting the CD's in promotional bibles. Genius. We ended up covering loads of topics and I managed to rope him in to lots of the roles i need filled which also rocked. Some random had intercepted Nick and Richard but annoying kept going on about some wank porno amateur film he wanted to shoot. I was just avoiding and being sympathetic with eye catches at Richard and Nick...although, now i think about it...that random in the pub was possibly a spying tactic of mr sinister if he knew Nick was out with me...hmmmm. Would explain a lot though... ahem.

Well. It looks like Dan and I will be jetting off to Cannes for a few days this year. We're only just finished planning our conman style plan of how to try and infiltrate the film festival. We'll be taking a couple of mocked up Johnny Undertaker posters in case we flukily manage to convince someone we're THE NEXT BIG THING.

Doubtful but still...it would be an amazing experience. Plus I love the thought of swanning around the South of France playing the part of celebrities to the masses of paparazzi. Gravedigger Chic folks. You heard it here first! ;)

Ohhh, little post script. During my hideous filth infested journey through London I happened to pass a few windows down Bond Street showing the new season collections. Guess what I spied? Obi sashes. Hell Yeah!
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Kill time productively...  
07:29pm 23/01/2008
My fingers hurts from clicking my mouse so often. Why? Because I have entered into a campaign with my housemate to establish him as one of the top reviewers on play. How shall this incredible feat be accomplished? By finding every review by withydanno on play.com helpful. Just by clicking on that little yes at the bottom we shall unleash his firey welsh hatred on the world... and hopefully eradicate family guy once and for all.

Kill time productively go onto play.com and find withydanno in the review section. The ones that made it through the screening process are still entertaining and his arcade fire funerals review is so spot on all others are rendered pointless.

Plus i agree with most of them. Hostel was genius but removed. It needs to be replaced.
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The downside of making it on your own is having to make it on your own...  
05:00pm 16/01/2008
Blah! Progress is slowly being made with the beast of a TV show that has already consumed two years of my life. However it is happening. Had our first production meeting which went well with all people involved scampering off to get busy with phone calls etc. Had a very successful location scouting trip down the coast and have potentially found our welsh seaside town (not that it's meant to be anywhere in particular..ahem). Also have just booked myself in for a two day crash course in how to survive while trying to get your first production running which conveniently enough is fifteen minutes walk from my mate Ben's house so free food and lodgings for me! Yay! Now to finish writing up the new scenes from Sunday.

If that makes me sound really frantically busy then I am... but obviously there's washing up, research (watching films and tv shows) and the old favourite writing which keep drawing me away from my computer. At least I'm productive with my procrastination. hopefully I can now apply this to all aspects of me life.

And quit sniggering at the back.
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The Inevitable Moment  
12:20pm 11/01/2008
I have realised the steepness of the learning curve I have in front of me. Quite a challenge. On the other hand there is no better time than now for me to do this. Life at the moment has just kind of swept me up and deposited me in an amazing flat in the centre of Cardiff with a really sorted group of mates already in situ. As such the whole business of actually making The Bet on our own seems attainable, just a hell of a lot of work.

As such I have decided that my only course of action is to plow on with th whole research angle while franticly emailing anyone I've ever met to see if they can help in some way.
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